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This year, Dopper teamed up with  entrepreneur/artist/singer/songwriter Nadia Ackerman for a unique bottle collaboration that’s both visual and auditory. Better known as the artistic force behind DUMBO’s natchie, a cozy studio/shop that offers musical art in Brooklyn, Nadia is a 2017 Daytime Emmy-nominated artist who has the ability to visualize her songs as images. For each composition, she creates a drawing that’s a companion piece. Nadia has not only created a unique illustration of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge for the New York Dopper bottle, but also penned an original song, "Be The Messenger," available as a free download with purchase of this special edition bottle.

The good vibes don’t end there. When you purchase a Dopper bottle, you help realize our dream of bringing crystal clear water from every ocean to every tap. 5% of proceeds from each sale go directly to the Dopper Foundation, a charity that promotes clean water and reduction of harmful single-use bottles, and our newest water awareness initiative and art installation, Plastic Bridge.

Your purchase also helps support sustainable production practices. Dopper ensures that each one of our factories adheres to a strict 'code of conduct’ that sets humane standards for its workers. The result? Happy producers, happy customers, and good karma all around.

Project Plastic Bridge

Every year, eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans, threatening sea life and our safe water sources. Together with you, we want to build bridges to raise awareness of this waste and bring crystal clear water to communities in need worldwide.

Dopper and Burning Man artist Colin Hendee, are building a Plastic Bridge, to bring attention to our clean water projects. The 12 feet long and 13 feet high bridge will be completely covered in 25,000 single-use plastic bottles, illustrating the needless waste they produce. We’re also strapping on some sustainable wheels and taking the bridge on the road with the help of our green racing machine.

Join the movement, create awareness, and help bridge the gap to a more sustainable future.

Dopper Foundation

Our foundation finances water and sanitation projects in Nepal through the charitable organization Simavi and their local partner NEWAH. The foundation also organizes the Dopper Academy which runs educational programs on water and plastic waste.