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The red bottle reflects your presence; magnetic, energetic, tenacious, intense, enterprising and well... with something of a sensual underside. This Dopper will easily combine with other colors; blue and white anyone? Perhaps yellow and green? Easy to swap around, so you can always be on the winning side during the European or World Championships whenever your favorite side smacks a red card. If you're more than a sofa surfing sportsman, why not turn your Dopper into the essential piece of sports refreshment kit with the special Dopper Sport Cap, also available in the official Dopper webshop.

Speaking of red, white and blue; all the Dopper Originals, including this fiery variety, are made in Holland. VDL Wientjes manufactures the Dopper somewhere in the exotic town of Emmen, where they safeguard the climate neutral process and utilize water and energy only in the most responsible manner. It’s also a relief to know that our sustainable drinking bottle contains no hazardous substances - such as BPA (bisphenol) - or indeed any other toxic plasticizers. Better for you, better for the environment. On the other hand, the materials Dopper is made from - Polypropylene, ABS and Thermoplastic Elastomer - are all 100% recyclable. This has guaranteed a full-on 'cradle to cradle' certification for our Doppers.