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This purple Dopper bottle will reinforce your aura as creative, passionate, inventive; the outgoing type. Do you take ‘outgoing’ on board literally? Do you like nothing better than challenging your grit cycling rugged terrain or perhaps wading knee deep in mud? Then don't hesitate and order the Dopper Sport Cap and let fly with an attractive purple sports water bottle. Purple is the pay-attention extravert color which doesn’t sit easy with the other extravert colors vying for space. A white cap however always looks stunning on a purple bottle, and a yellow cap looks even better. But don’t let us repress your creativity… a purple bottle with a green, blue or even a red cap, will just as equally rock the fashion boat. Don’t be a dedicated follower of fashion, kink it up a bit and set your own standards. Okay, okay, we admit defeat. Purple goes perfect with any other color… really!

Needless to say, this purple Dopper water bottle will send your karma stock northwards exponentially. You probably already know that buying a Dopper Original directly contributes to charitable organization Simavi's water and sanitation program in Nepal. You didn't? But you did know that our own foundation organizes the Dopper Academy and supports their educational programs? You didn't know that either? Well, we suspect you do know that the Dopper is a highly sustainable water bottle, free of BPA (and other toxic plasticizers), is easy to clean and 100% recyclable. Excellent!