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Buy Dopper blue

The blue Dopper fits your aura to a T, a kind of blue that is miles cooler than any alley cat since Benny the Ball. In addition, you're totally honest if a little preoccupied, but seldom ever seen on blues street. Blue blood runs in your veins, either because you inherited it or because you’re destined for higher things. The light blue water bottle will successfully combine with the other colors in the Dopper selection. Match your blue bottle with a white cap, to reinforce your support for Scottish Independence. Is winter inextricably linked with sport? Skiing, or ice-skating perhaps? Match this Dopper with a sport cap and create an instant sports water bottle. Add a red top on your blue bottle, ripple your abs and let them Marvel at your very best Captain America look and feel. A day of your life lost wandering planet IKEA? A yellow cap on your blue Dopper will refresh you as you break for the surface in the Småland ball pool.

Sustainable blue water bottle

This Dopper color goes way back, as does our cooperation with charitable organization Simavi. From the very first moment we launched Dopper, we have financed Simavi's water projects in Nepal through the Dopper Foundation. Purchase a Dopper water bottle and support these projects directly.