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You're approach is friendly, laid back and the green Dopper actively blends with going with the flow. You're a breath of fresh air; an air of fresh limes and cut grass. Combine the green Dopper bottle with a red cap and even if it hoses down you'll be reminded of sunny Italy. Or perhaps create a colorful bouquet by combining the Apple Green bottle with a yellow cap. Is the sporty mix more you? Get a Dopper Sport Cap and transform your every day Dopper into the ultimate sports water bottle.

This Dopper is green on two fronts; color and sustainability. The Dopper is officially 'cradle to cradle' certified. Why? Among other things, the Dopper is produced climate neutral using nontoxic and nonhazardous materials, all of which are recyclable. When you purchase the Dopper Original Apple Green you directly support water and sanitation projects by the charity organization Simavi in Nepal, along with the Dopper Academy's educational programs. And that's not to mention the innumerable PET bottles you’ll be protecting the environment from by filling and reusing our sustainable drinking bottle. Go green!