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Buy Dopper Steel

This steel water bottle fits you ’cause you’re the Director General and the buck stops here. Or perhaps you enjoy extreme sports, preferably something with lots of mud, sweat and tears; bungee jumping, white water rafting or walking the streets of Glasgow after dark. Although a body balance lesson or an hour of XCO might also appeal. At the gym the lights dim and the air conditioning splutters the moment you arrive on the floor with your steel Dopper a la sport cap. You of course wear this steel sport water bottle with as much panache as you do your six-pack. Alternatively, you can use this tough-to-the-core sustainable water bottle as a decoy for your slightly less disciplined ‘no-pack’.

Sustainable steel water bottle

This sneaky steel number is sustainably produced in China. Fortunately, these days things are produced much better than many people usually associate with Chinese production processes. We have negotiated and concluded a variety of agreements with the production company to include a ‘code of conduct’ setting out a number of basic standards and values. Result: producers happy, you happy, karma happy, everybody happy! Smiles all round… check!<