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Dopper Insulated (350ml) - Wavy White


Dopper White – Not that innocent

No reference to white doves here. This white Dopper bottle isn’t about to make peace with single-use plastic. This bottle means business. Ass-kicking business, when it comes to plastic pollution. The colour of this White Dopper Insulated 350 ml is a tribute to the foam on that majestic wave, the toothy grin of the killer whale, the shimmer of a sandy beach during the night. You can almost see the single-use plastic bottles tremble with fear when you walk by holding it.

White Dopper Insulated – Take that, single-use plastic!

This White Dopper is perfectly designed. It stands out, like a Baluga whale amongst a group of dolphins, like a superhero amongst civilians. Like you. And it’s your secret weapon. Remaining hidden in your bag. Until you see someone considering to purchase a single-use water bottle. You immediately grab your Dopper, radiant with good karma, and prevent another disposable bottle from entering our oceans. Well done.