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Drink tap water. Stop plastic Pollution. Smile at strangers.

Buy Dopper Yellow

Our oceans are our planet's lungs, we just can't do without them. And we shouldn't want to do that either, because who doesn't like to take a refreshing dive into that lovely salty water on a summer's day? Yet, an average of 8 billion kilos of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. Together, we know and can do so much better. By refilling this yellow water bottle with delicious tap water, you save an average of one kilogram of plastic waste a year. This may sound like just a drop in the ocean, but together, all these drops can generate a huge wave.

Yellow sustainable bottle

With the purchase of this yellow Dopper bottle, you not only ensure crystal clear water in the oceans, but also from the tap. Because 5% of our net sales revenue goes to the Dopper Foundation's projects. In collaboration with Simavi, the Dopper Foundation facilitates access to clean drinking water where people need it most. This way, sip by sip, you will help providing 10,000 Nepalese people with safe drinking water in the next three years. You may just as well brag a bit about this at the coffee machine or during your next tinder date