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Buy Dopper dark blue

Take a leap into the deep with the Pacific Blue Dopper! This dark blue drink bottle is an ode to the Great Pacific: our planet's largest and most impenetrable ocean. If you head out to sea with this mysterious model, you will always be on the right course. That's because the dark blue Dopper is as rugged as the waves, as magical as the starry night and has endless depth. 24 centimetres, if you catch our drift. Aye, aye!

Sustainable dark blue water bottle

With the purchase of this Pacific Blue Dopper, you are contributing to cleaner oceans. Each year, somewhere around 8 million kilos of plastic waste - including many plastic bottles - winds up in our oceans. Ocean currents gather all of that plastic into a floating garbage dump in the Pacific known as the "Plastic Soup". By no longer purchasing disposable bottles and instead starting a sustainable relationship with your Dopper, you help turn this tide. And no, that's not as pointless as carrying water to the sea.