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Buy Dopper white

White is everyone's color. Who doesn’t identify with innocence, generosity and fun? It needs no explanation that our transparent drinking bottle can be endlessly combined with the rainbow colors of our selection. Introduce red to the white for example, and how many football club colors do you have? Swap allegiance mid competition to ensure you’re always on the winning side. Spring fever? With a transparent bottle and a yellow cap you'll have daffodils swaying forever. And hey, Popeye, combine Cool Blue with Pure White for the perfect sailor outfit.

Sustainable white water bottle

When you’ve made the Dopper Original Pure White your very own, you're not only guaranteed a partner for life, but also deposit big time in the karma bank. Buying a white Dopper bottle directly supports the Dopper Foundation. Our foundation finances water and sanitation projects in Nepal through the charitable organization Simavi and their local partner NEWAH. The foundation also organizes the Dopper Academy which runs educational programs on water and (plastic) waste.