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Dopper Dark Green - Evergreen - Limited edition




Buy Dopper Evergreen

Our seas, our trees, our mountains, our rhinos. Don’t we take them for granted now and then? To keep enjoying the world’s beauty we need to help our planet fight the plastic pollution problem. Every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste disappears into our oceans. That's the equivalent of 80,000 blue whales. Unbelievable right? By refilling this water bottle with tap water, you keep our waters blue - sip by sip. One Dopper saves up to 40 single-use plastic water bottles every year. And every bottle counts, you hero. Want to lend a hand, but dark green doesn’t fit your style? No worries. Check out the minty shade of green with our Dopper green.

Sustainable dark green Dopper water Bottle

You are just one small click away from being a hero. Add the Evergreen Dopper in your shopping cart and be part of the blue revolution. Drinking from the tap and filling your reusable water bottle makes a difference. Not only because you won’t need single-use plastic bottles, but also because this purchase supports Dopper’s mission: crystal clear water in every ocean from every tap.