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The Clear Ocean Dopper has an all-around ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ print. The design for this limited edition is inspired by the advanced technology Boyan Slat and his team want to use for ‘largest cleanup in history’. It has been six years since the inception of the idea for The Ocean Cleanup. While we were sixteen,getting drunk much too often and falling hopelessly in love much too fast, Boyan Slat spent his time worrying about problems that really matter: the large amount of waste in our oceans. Determined to clean it up, he quit his studies 12 months later – and successfully so: in 2013, Boyan collected 2.2 million dollars through crowdfunding to get TheOcean Cleanup project under way. Now, four years and numerous tests later, the cleanup crew can presented an improved mobile cleaning technique.

Dopper was created six years ago, and also out of frustration with the pollution of our oceans. Our founder, Merijn Everaarts, was dumbfounded when he learned about the enormous amount of polluting single-use bottles thrown away on a daily basis, while the best water in the Netherlands is simply running from our taps. He organized a competition for the ‘perfect re-usable water bottle’, and the rest, they say, is history. By collaborating with The Ocean Cleanup, Dopper wants to make an even bigger impact, because alone we are a mere drop in the ocean, but together we can create a splash.