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All proceeds from this sustainable shopper will be spent on development projects in Nepal. The Dopper Foundation has been supporting a 'drinking water, sanitary facilities and hygiene program' run by the charity organization Simavi in the Himalayan country since 2010. On 25 April 2015 Nepal was hit by an earthquake almost ‘off’ the Richter scale at a staggering 7.6. We, like everyone else, were utterly shocked. This earthquake also directly impacted the areas where the Dopper Foundation is active. In the Gorkha district alone over 400 people died and 923 were injured. Sanitary installations and water systems were severely damaged, with the associated prevalent risk of dangerous water borne diseases spreading due to untreated waste water.

The proceeds of the Dopper Shopper will help us reconstruct the water and sanitary facilities, and build them even better than ever this time. Thanks to the Dopper Shopper, plastic bags are history; helping to put a bit of muscle behind your karma. And another plus point for your karma tank: the Dopper bag is produced at the I-Did sewing studio that favors those who experience a disadvantage in the open labor market. A place where people can learn new and varied skills for their future.

N.B.: The Dopper Shopper is not including the Dopper