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Special Edition Van Gogh Dopper – Sunflowers designed for Dopper


What makes this edition special? Well, the Hello Yellow Dopper cup has been printed all around with Vincent van Gogh's world famous sunflowers. Vincent painted his sunflowers in Arles in 1889 to impress his bosom chum Paul Gauguin. You will of course no doubt also paint an attractive image when spotted with this Special Edition Dopper. Sporting this unique accessory you not only clearly demonstrate you are a true connoisseur of fine art, but you also spread our message in your creative approach to life!

A message that chimes remarkably with a number of similarities in Van Gogh's story; for example Vincent captured and preserved the true essence of nature’s beauty, something we fully concur with. We do this with our sustainably designed water bottle, which prevents a considerable amount of plastic waste from disposable bottles. We also like to drink. Water, of course… And because we firmly believe this precious stuff, like art, should be available to everyone worldwide, the Dopper Foundation finances Simavi's water projects in Nepal. Your purchase will contribute directly to this good cause.