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Dopper Insulated (580ml) - Wavy White


Dopper White – There is no grey area

Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans. It is time to make a stand for our big blue. With this White Dopper as your sidekick, you are on a mission to make the plastic soup history. Its colour is a tribute to our oceans. To the foam on that roaring wave, to the shark’s teeth just before lunchtime, to the white markings around the killer whale’s eyes. You can feel single-use bottles around the world tremble when you mention this awesome bottle.

White Dopper Insulated – A badass bottle

The design of this White Dopper Insulated makes it a statement piece. A shiny cup – our very own holy grail – and a matte , tough looking bottle. Don’t be surprised if you and your Dopper soon decorate the covers of magazines and newspapers, captioned: ‘Coolest human alive just made single-use plastic history’.