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T-shirt Dopper x Unrobe - blue (limited edition) L


Would you like to tattoo your commitment to clean oceans on your forehead, but are you too scared of needles? Then this is the perfect shirt for you. Sea-blue AND the Dopper wave. How obvious do you want it to be? You support our mission. The only way this shirt will not stand out is when you wear it in the sea. You have never been more in sync with the ocean.

Sustainable t-shirt, as blue as the sea

You will not find a greener blue shirt than this one. Organic cotton, sustainable design, zero shit. And it is manufactured in such a transparent manner that it will spontaneously make you invisible. That is enough to make us drool, but it’s the design of Dopper x Unrobe that really makes us constantly wipe our chins. You will always walk up straight in our sustainable shirt, chest out to show the Dopper wave. Let everyone know that you fight for clean oceans. And dare them to do it with you!