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Sweater Dopper x Unrobe - green (limited edition) M


If you roll out of your sleeping bag in the Rocky Mountains, when you watch the sunset from a dune, for every dreary Tuesday. This sweater is so much a part of your sustainable-self that you will wear it as often as your turtle tattoo. And why wouldn’t you? You love clean oceans and you are proud of it! You and your favourite sweater dare everyone: let’s save the planet, shall we?

Sustainable sweaters are in fashion

This sustainable sweater is not only green, it is Green with a capital ‘G’! Never has a sweater been more sustainable. Not only because your newly found favourite sweater is made from organic cotton, in a solar-panelled factory with as little water waste as possible, but also because the sweater is a tribute to the sea and a statement for clean oceans. If the Little Mermaid were to wear a sweater, this would be it.