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Customize your Dopper

3. Customize!

You are unique. From the birthmark above your bum, to your oversized little toe and that tuft of hair that always stands up on your crown. You set yourself apart in everything. So, you also want to save the world in style. You can do it with a customized Dopper; the sustainable water bottle that matches your style.

With a personalized Dopper, you can save lots of plastic waste generated by disposable bottles. This is desperately needed, because every year, about 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. How do you do it? Simple! Select a design or break away with your own image or text. You can see the end result in the example. You don't even need a refresher course in dish washing with grandma, because the printed cup can be washed in the dishwasher.

Three parts, so easy to clean
Dishwasher safe to 65 °C / 149°F
Suitable for cold, non-caustic drinks
BPA/plasticizer and toxic-free
Cradle to Cradle certified

Delivery time approximately 5 working days.
Delivery is free with orders over €25, under that, the package costs €3.95
Delivery at a different address than the billing address is possible. If it is a business address, please state the company name.
Questions? Please visit our Help centre.