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Special Edition Van Gogh Dopper - Almond Blossom designed for Dopper


The Special Edition Dopper's blue cup is printed with a design inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom. Van Gogh painted this wonder of almond flower blooms in the spring of 1890 for his newly born nephew, his brother Theo's son Vincent Willem. That makes this unique Dopper a favourite gift for your more artistically inclined friends. Don't forget to keep one for yourself though, because with this Dopper in hand even on your greyest days you will be lifted to the kind of dazzling coloured levels that attract appreciative glances all-round.

The collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum may seem a shade abstract, but when you consider it, it’s a fairly logical one. Dopper has a lot in common with Van Gogh of course: we are both Dutch, nature aficionados and use design/art to tell a story. Vincent’s story was about capturing beauty, our message centres on its preservation. We do this with our reusable water bottle, which reduces plastic from disposable bottles entering the environment. Because we love a drink (water of course) and we think that safe drinking water should be available to everyone worldwide, we support Simavi's water projects in Nepal.

A message that chimes remarkably with a number of similarities in Van Gogh's story; for example Vincent captured and preserved the true essence of nature’s beauty, something we fully concur with. We do this with our sustainably designed water bottle, which prevents a considerable amount of plastic waste from disposable bottles. We also like to drink. Water, of course… And because we firmly believe this precious stuff, like art, should be available to everyone worldwide, the Dopper Foundation finances Simavi's water projects in Nepal. Your purchase will contribute directly to this good cause.