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Dopper Insulated (350ml) - Blazing Black


Dopper Black – Black means business

Yin and Yang? Cute, but no. Our black and white bottles aren’t here to keep things zen. They are here to make the plastic soup history. The Blazing Black Dopper Insulated 350 ml owes its colour to the deepest and darkest parts of our oceans, to the Manta Ray’s back, to the full eclipse. It has a presence to it. You can almost hear the single-use plastic bottles whimper when you walk by holding it.

Black Dopper Insulated – Take that, single-use plastic!

This Black Dopper is perfectly designed. The cup is shiny, the rest… not so much. And that’s cool. This bottle is all about contrast. It stands out, just like you. It’s your sword in this epic battle for the health of our oceans. Your secret weapon. Because it fits right in your bag. So, you can take it out at the opportune moment, whenever you see someone holding a single-use bottle. Take that!