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Dopper Glass Insulated (450ml)




Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Surprise! Plastic is hiding in plain sight. And every day we add to this. One single-use plastic water bottle at a time. A vicious circle you and I are about to break. Meet the bottle you won’t be able to live without: the Dopper Glass Insulated. A 450 ml sea-through bottle created to raise awareness about the invisible microplastics that surround us. This bottle (and all our other ones) is making an Impact with a capital I. Fueling our various projects.

Each bottle sold empowers people to choose a reusable water bottle over a single-use one. From global campaigns that spread the message to stop plastic pollution to education programmes and funding research. It even kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal. All while keeping you hot water hot, and cold water cool. Turn this bottle upside-down to find another hidden superpower: a cup to drink tap water from. Putting water on a pedestal. Quite literally.