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Dopper Insulated (580ml) - Blazing Black


Dopper Black – There is no grey area

When it comes to plastic pollution, you can either take action. Or you don’t. With this Black Dopper you are definitely taking action. On a mission to make the plastic soup history. Its colour is a tribute to our oceans. To the deepest and darkest parts of the Mariana trench, to the killer whale, to the Pacific storm that seems to drain all light from the world. You can almost hear this bottle roar.

Black Dopper Insulated – A badass bottle

The design of this Black Dopper Insulated beckons and whispers: join the movement, you’ll be saving our planet. You can envision how your portrait will one day decorate the Louvre, in which you’re emerging from a crashing wave, raising your Dopper in the night’s sky and your voice echoing through the storm: “No more single-use!” Master piece. If only Michelangelo was still alive.