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Keep this booklet close to hand if you get unexpected guests. Perfect as a surprise gift and absolutely ideal for putting a hoot into great aunt Gertrude’s divorce party. The exotic effervescent Lycheelicious will twerk from one end of your tongue to the other, whilst the Rhubarbapapa seems to acquire a fresh identity with every sip. Cocktail classic Piña Dopper brings the tropical tastes of La vida Latina, but with the added irresistible taste of low calorie coconut water. And as we weren’t all born with a halo, for those of us unable to hold on to the careering wagon, the lubrication of life makes its devilish appearance in one or two of the recipes. This should be of some comfort to the southerners.

All cocktails can be prepared and kept in the Dopper, allowing you to enjoy their delicious taste at any moment of the day, every day.