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Dopper Glass Insulated (450ml)

34,50 €

39,50 €


Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Surprise! Plastic is hiding in plain sight. And every day we add to this. One single-use plastic water bottle at a time. A vicious circle you and I are about to break. Meet the bottle you won’t be able to live without: the Dopper Glass Insulated. A 450 ml sea-through bottle created to raise awareness about the invisible microplastics that surround us. This bottle (and all our other ones) is making an Impact with a capital I. Fueling our various projects.

Each bottle sold empowers people to choose a reusable water bottle over a single-use one. From global campaigns that spread the message to stop plastic pollution to education programmes and funding research. It even kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal. All while keeping you hot water hot, and cold water cool. Turn this bottle upside-down to find another hidden superpower: a cup to drink tap water from. Putting water on a pedestal. Quite literally.