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You cannot have missed it, except you really did: we have FOUR new colours. And one of it is pink, wait... don't faint now!

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Design your unique Dopper

You are unique. From the birthmark above your bum, to your oversized little toe and that tuft of hair that always stands up on your crown. You set yourself apart in everything. So, you also want to save the world in style. You can do it with a customized Dopper; the sustainable water bottle that matches your style.
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Free shipping on all orders above 25€! Do you order for 25€ or more in our webshop? Then shipping costs are on us! Below 25€ you pay 3.95€ for your order.
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With the purchase of our new colours Blue Lagoon and Pacific Blue, you are contributing to cleaner oceans. Each year, somewhere around 8 million kilos of plastic waste - including many plastic bottles - winds up in our oceans. It's time to turn the tide!


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PURPLE IS THE NEW BLACK! And rightly so, as purple is the color of bishops, of Japanese anime girls' hair, Prince's rain and magic and mystery. So get your Purple Dopper now!

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Our Man of Steel has style. And yes, let’s be honest: size does matter. The Dopper Steel can hold its drink; in fact 800 ml of it.

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Spread the message for a sustainable lifestyle and give the Dopper as a gift! A fun way to inspire your friends, family or the love of your life;)

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Do you already have all the Doppers in all colors? Have you made up all the possible combinations using the available colors and then had to undo them to make new ones? Or more succinctly: do you desire to expand your Dopper collection? No worries! You'll discover on this official webshop more than just Doppers. There is in fact a whole range of delightful accessories available to complement your water bottle, opening up the opportunity to make your water bottle just that little bit more multifunctional, unique, and personal, before ever really getting to the bottom of it. Cheers!

Turn your Dopper Original or Dopper Steel into a sustainable sports drinking bottle with the sport cap. Everyone down at the gym will turn green at the ease with which you stylishly rehydrate during your work-out. Thanks to the sophisticated nozzle, the water is both dosed and directed, making it easy to rehydrate on the go. And the sport cap couldn’t be simpler to open and close.

Is shopping more your idea of sport? Swing into action now with the Dopper Shopper. This sustainable bag produced from recycled clothing shows the single-use plastic bag the door. It even features a special pocket for your Dopper. And remember: all proceeds from this shopping bag go directly towards the reconstruction efforts in earthquake stricken Nepal.

Flagging at the fourth floor of your favorite shopping mall? Order our Water Cocktails booklet. This pocket size recipe booklet details recipes for fifteen zinglicious waters. Water cocktails are the healthy alternative for sugary drinks and underpin a healthy lifestyle. And best of all: you can prepare and store them in your Dopper. Our first booklet of delicious water cocktails made us thirsty for even more, so we published the sequel with at least just as many thirst quenching waters: Our Water Cocktail booklet - Flashy Flamingo.

Would you like to gift someone a Dopper, or even treat yourself? Why not package the Dopper in a beautiful gift wrapping. The Dopper gift box doesn’t leave the target of your affection with a load of waste to get rid of. Rather the Dopper gift box only amplifies and presents the gift; you can up-cycle the box as loads of things, including a handy storage box or as an attractive retro vase.