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The  answer is  black and white.

We introduce our badass Dopper  Insulated Blazing Black and Wavy White. With these statement bottles, you are doing your part for our oceans.

Buy your Dopper water bottle

Buy the Dopper – the sustainable drinking bottle for tap water – on our official Dopper webshop. Thanks to this reusable bottle, disposable ones are a thing of the past; and this will impact big on plastic waste. Designed by Rinke van Remortel, the unique shape makes our Dopper extremely easy to clean. You can wash it 'old school' fashion by hand, but it's also a modern bottle; so it’s hop! into the dishwasher with it (up to 65°C). The Dopper will last you for many years, amplifying its sustainability. Need a cup? Simply turn the Dopper’s top upside down to put tap water on a pedestal. The Dopper is produced in climate-neutral fashion, is BPA free and fully recyclable.

Sustainable water bottle

The Dopper will bank unlimited karma kudos for you. By drinking from our sustainable water bottle you will join us in battling against single-use plastic waste and fighting for the right to access clean safe drinking water for all, worldwide. The fight-back starts right here; with our Dopper sustainable water bottle! Five percent of our turnover goes directly to the Dopper Foundation. Our foundation supports the provision of drinking water, as well as improved sanitation and hygiene, through the charitable organization Simavi’s program in Nepal. Under the Dopper Academy flag, we also organize educational programs about water and litter issues for pupils and students. They are after all the future; the next key thinkers and doers. But let's not pussyfoot around here. We’re all perfectly aware you eased into the Dopper webshop because you think… correction, know the Dopper water bottle is just one truly awesome design. Out the corner of your eye you probably witnessed all the girls going weak at the knees over that cool dude chugging it down at the gym, or how the most popular operator at college was casual, carelessly flaunting a Dopper during the break. Our selection consists of a colorful family of water bottles sporting numerous characters. Ordering couldn’t be simpler: choose your Dopper bottle in the color of your choice and pay safely via iDeal or credit card. Trouble choosing? Why not order an extra bottle and link up the different parts. Or buy a Dopper as a gift for a friend, family member or to impress your date, at the same time boosting your karma points.